Stop worrying about how you feel.

You lied, you cheated, you lusted, you gorged. You snapped, you hated, you cussed, you masturbated. You killed, you manipulated, you rejected or ignored.

You sinned.

God doesn’t want just half of your heart. God doesn’t want you to talk to Him only when you’re in the mood to do so. God wants all of you. He wants you when you’re sinless and when you’re sinful. He wants you on the days when you’re strong and on the days when you relapse. He doesn’t want just your beautiful parts, He wants everything.

Stop staying excuses. Stop listening to the devil. Stop thinking you can’t “go to God” because you feel you’re too unclean, ugly, or dirty. Stop worrying about how you feel because it’s not about you. Run to Him, even if you’d rather be dormant. Go to Him even if you’d rather hide in your guilt.

Ignore your laziness, embarrassment, and shame and go spend some time with the One who died for every dirty thing you think keeps Him away.

– have you read your bible today? - c.h. (via heldinhishands)
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Acquire the habit of speaking to God as if you were alone with God. Speak with familiarity and confidence as to your dearest and most loving friend. Speak of your life, your plans, your troubles, your joys, your fears. In return, God will speak to you—not that you will hear audible words in your ears, but words that you will clearly understand in your heart.
– St. Alphonsus Liguori (via beatae-memoriae)
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I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart, and I will glorify thy name for evermore.
– Psalm 86:12 (via simply-divine-creation)
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Posted on Thursday, August 21st
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"My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour, for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed, for the Mighty One has done great things for me – holy is his name." (Luke 1:46-49)
Art by Jean Keaton
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Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany NY: Office of Evangelization, Catechesis and Family Life Creds
Posted on Wednesday, August 20th
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Married on a CrucifixFr Michael Mullan, LC
Imagine a world without divorce. Imagine families without separation. Imagine no children or hearts torn apart.
People of one place in this world do not have to imagine.
In the town of Siroki-Brijeg in Herzegovina not one of the 13,000 inhabitants can recall a single divorce or broken family.
What is their secret? One look at their marriage rite says it all.
When the bride and bridegroom go to the church to be married they carry a crucifix with them. The priest blesses the crucifix and exclaims, “You have found your cross! It is a cross to love, to carry with you, a cross that is not thrown off but rather treasured.”
When they interchange the marital vows, the bride puts her right hand on this crucifix and the groom puts his right hand over hers. Both are united to the cross. The priest covers their hands with his stole while they pronounce their promises to love each other in good times and in bad.
Then they both first kiss the cross, not each other. If one abandons the other, they abandon Christ on the cross.
Afterwards, the newly-weds cross the threshold of their home to enthrone that same crucifix in a place of honour. It becomes the reference point of their lives and the place of family prayer.
In times of difficulty and misunderstandings, as all human relationships experience, they do not turn immediately to the lawyer or psychologist, they turn to the cross. They kneel, cry and open up their hearts begging for the strength to pardon and implore the Lord’s help.
The children are taught to reverently kiss the crucifix daily and to thank God for the day before going to bed. These children dream of enthroning one day a crucifix of their own.
The family is indissolubly united to the cross of Christ. Is this simply a morbid outlook on marital and family life? Or is it a piece of wisdom that few in our modern world can understand. Until our world does, it will continue to imagine and long for the unbroken hearth.
"The Sacrament of marriage comes as do all the sacraments from the wounded side of Christ as He lay ‘asleep’ in death, when Christ was pierced by a sword and blood and water and the Holy Spirit flowed out. At that moment the Church and all the sacraments came from the side of Christ as Eve was taken from the side of Adam. The Church is the Bride of Christ and the Catholic marriage is to be a living example of Christ and His Bride the Church. If the Catholic couple lives in a state of grace and has the sacrament of marriage they receive constant grace from God to love one another with the very LOVE of God. It is the vocation of the spouses to sanctify one another and be open to new life. According to Archbishop Sheen it takes 3 to get married: husband, wife and Christ. Marriage works in Christ.”—my friend Kathleen Ann Creds
Whatever you do, think not of yourself, but of God.
St. Vincent Ferrer
If you want to know about God, there is only one way to do it: get down on your knees. You can make His acquaintance by investigation, but you can win His love only by loving. Most people who deny God do not do so because their reason tells them there is no God, for how could reason witness against Reason? Their denial is rather because of wishful thinking. They feel they would be happier if there were no God, for then they could do as they pleased. Think a little less about whether you deserve to be loved by Him; He loves you even though you are not deserving. It is His love alone that will make you deserving. Most of us are unhappy because we never give God a chance to love us; we are in love only with ourselves.
– Archbishop Fulton Sheen (Preface to Religion)
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My beloved, may every fall, even if it is serious and habitual sin, always become for us a small step toward a higher degree of perfection.In fact, the only reason why the Immaculate permits us to fall is to cure us from our self-conceit, from our pride, to make us humble and thus make us docile to the divine graces.The devil, instead, tries to inject in us discouragement and internal depression in those circumstances, which is, in fact, nothing else than our pride surfacing again.—St. Maximilian Kolbe
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What you see is the bread and the chalice; that is what your own eyes report to you. But what your faith obliges you to accept is that the bread is the Body of Christ and the chalice the Blood of Christ. … How is the bread His Body? And the chalice, or what is in the chalice, how is it His Blood? Those elements, brethren, are called Sacraments, because in them one thing is seen, but another is understood. What is seen is the corporeal species, but what is understood is the spiritual fruit. … `You, however, are the Body of Christ and His members.’ If, therefore, you are the Body of Christ and His members, your mystery is presented at the table of the Lord, you receive your mystery. To that which you are, you answer: `Amen’; and by answering, you subscribe to it. For you hear: `The Body of Christ!’ and you answer: `Amen!’ Be a member of Christ’s Body, so that your `Amen’ may be the truth.

St. Augustine, Sermons, [272] A.D. 391-430

Directly refuting Gary Wills' claim that Augustine didn't believe in Transubstantiation.

What a poor fool.

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If you have to lower your morals to find love, then it is not love you’re finding.
– Jason Evert (via find-meaning)
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Five Types of Catholics


I posted this on my dcsunsets Tumblr about a year ago but decided to revise it a bit today. (See original post here.) I have here a descriptive list of five different Catholic profiles, because everyone knows that not all of us are the same. For those of you who are new to Catholic culture, you’ll find that there’s a little bit more to your friendly neighborhood Catholic that meets the eye. Enjoy!

- - -

1. Newman Catholics, the Pope-Francis-Cover-Photo, ‘guise I just love Dominicans’, profile photo with the Archbishop, Matt-Maher blasting Jesus lovers. These are the friends who know the anticipated date of your favorite Blessed in Heaven, or details about the Pope’s upcoming encyclicals or ‘the Cardinal’s presiding over this Sunday’s Mass’ events. They’ve pretty much mastered apologetics, and they know the CCC from cover to cover. They’ve got at least six priest and nun friends on their speed dials and always have a Rosary in their pockets. These are the guys you want to go to when you want to know the latest in Catholic news or when you feel like listening to someone rant about how awesome the faith is from time to time.

2. Advocacy Catholics. These are the ones who probably do have a profile photo with the Archbishop, but it’s probably under the current “I Choose Life” posters they’ve plastered on their Facebook walls. These are your Catholic friends whose Facebook statuses are always flooded with debates, whose resumes are filled with “volunteered at Catholic Charities/Emergency Pregnancy Crisis Center” sorts of work. Their constant Facebook invitations to follow ‘Cassie Pease Designs’, ‘Life Teen’, ‘Becket Fund for Religious Liberty’, or ‘Imagine Sisters’ are getting annoying, but it’s good that they’re always on top of these things in the media. They can argue both theologically and secularly, and they’re the ones who sent out the ‘HABEMUS PAPI’ text the second the white smoke appeared. 

3. Latin-Tridentine-Catholics, the ones you don’t really hear from anymore because they’ve deactivated their Facebooks and can only be reached via email or by tapping them on the shoulder after the 5AM Mass at the Friary. You can’t invite them out for breakfast afterward because they’re fasting on bread and water until the end of their Divine Mercy novenas. These friends are the prayer warriors and Mass ninjas who sing in the Gregorian Chant choir and are masked under their veils at the Tridentine Mass. Now these friends are especially cool because when they tell you they’ll pray for you, they’re praying for your Purgatory time to lessen and offering twelve holy hours for you. After saying a five-minute prayer in Latin before eating their meals, feel free to ask them about their opinions of Opus Dei/Neocatechumenal Way, and be ready for an earful. After hanging out with these guys, you feel like you just finished a five-day retreat in the wilderness and the Lord. 

4. FOCUS Catholics. These guys are really lighthearted, easy to talk to, and for some reason are always free for coffee whenever you call them. They probably have a leather-bound Ignatian Bible, are still discerning their vocation though it’s been five years, and for some reason always manage to bring a new friend to Mass each week. These are the friends that you’d introduce to someone who is skeptical about the faith, because they’re the most inviting, welcoming, and basically the coolest Catholics you know. What’s nice about these guys is that when you’re going through a spiritual slump or are a bit confused on your life journey, they have the best guidance and you feel like you’re talking to a Priest or something even though they’re just normal laypeople like you are. Usually found with a beard, a guitar, or a Franciscan cross (the one that looks like a T). They probably have multiple copies of ‘How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul’ and have more than once quoted St. Catherine of Siena’s ‘you will set the world on fire’ spiel on their Facebook statuses.

5. Casual-but-cool Catholics. These Catholics never fail to cross themselves when passing by a Church, and might have accidentally genuflected before entering the seats of a movie theater. These guys are usually seen giving up chocolate for Lent, hanging a rosary in their rearview mirrors, and watching Passion of the Christ every Good Friday. They tried CatholicMatch for a second, but it wasn’t really their thing. Although these friends haven’t yet thought about how their relationship with Jesus Christ has changed their lives, haven’t ever joined a Bible Study, and probably don’t post Scripture verses on their Facebook statuses, you know that these are the friends who will always be down to pray a Rosary or go to Mass with you. 

What kind of Catholic are you?